​Benefits of using a recruiter: 8 things to consider

30 August 2022 Sharyn Waterworth

Benefits of using a recruiter: 8 things to consider

While you might be excited to start a new chapter in your career, if you’re like many of the candidates we work with, you’re probably far less excited by the prospect of searching for a new job online.

And understandably so. Finding your ideal job - one that pays what you’d like, aligns with your values, and has an opportunity for progression (amongst other things) - can take time and energy that you just don’t have. Especially if you’re sending off application after application and getting little back as a response.

What you need is someone who can not only search through job listings for you but has an in-depth knowledge of your industry. They know your strengths. And they know what work environment you’d thrive in (and where you’d sink).

You need someone who represents you and is on your team. You need the help of a recruitment agency. Here are 8 big benefits of using a recruiter:

1. You'll get exposure to jobs that aren't on the market yet

Since recruiters are hired by companies to fill positions, they’re in the know about jobs that haven’t been promoted online yet. Think of it like working with a real estate agent - they know when someone has a property they’re thinking of selling or rental tenants that are about to move out.

This insider knowledge gives property searchers, or in a recruiter’s case, job hunters, exposure to jobs that are “off market”. This means you can get in the door first and the employer can potentially find their ideal candidate sooner. A win for everyone.

2. Recruiters are in your corner

Think of a recruiter as your job opportunity matchmaker - our goal isn’t just to place you in a role - it’s to find you a job you love and can excel in. We want the best for you.

Our job is all about finding suitable candidates that are going to thrive in certain work environments. This means we need to know what kind of roles you’re searching for, what benefits you’d like, and what your non-negotiables are, so we can champion your job search.

And if you’re not 100% sure, don’t worry. We can help you figure out the answers to some of these questions, too.

3. Working with a recruiter will save you time

One of the biggest benefits of using a recruiter is the time you’ll save. It’s often said that job searching is a full-time job, and in the case of recruiters, that’s 100% the case. So, why not lighten your load and share the responsibility with someone who is paid to do it?

4. You’ll get feedback from a recruitment specialist

When you’re job hunting, you’re often going it alone. You don’t have an experienced professional to ask for advice or to give your CV an expert once-over. It can be confusing, overwhelming, and at times, annoying. Why didn’t you get an interview - you thought your application was good!

This is when having the support and knowledge of a recruiter makes all the difference. They’ll proofread, edit and provide feedback about your application - making sure it’s a true reflection of your capabilities and aligns with what the employer is looking for.

You’d be surprised by what people include, or fail to include, in their job applications. To give yourself the best chance possible, you need an expert’s perspective..

5. Recruiters will coach you through the hiring process

Recruiters are master interviewers, so we can tell you exactly how to make a good first impression when you interview with a company and give you advice on what to expect.

Once you have been hired, we’ll also coach you through what comes next - from signing contracts, being the go-between during negotiations, and making sure you have every piece of information you need before starting your new role. We’re by your side first application to your first day on the job.

6. Recruiters know your skillset and can personally recommend you

A recruiter knows your skillset - not only from reviewing your CV but also from the conversations you’ve shared during your job search. They know your job history, understand your circumstances, and have gotten to know you personally.

When recruiters pass along your name to their clients, they can personally recommend you for a job and state the reasons why. A good word can go a long way in securing a position.

7. You’ll always stay on their database for future jobs

Even after your dealings with a recruitment agency are done, your details will likely remain in a database. We don’t simply throw away your CV. This means, that if a job comes up that matches your skill set and personal preferences, we’ll contact you about it.

Even if you’re not actively searching, you’re still top of mind. In fact, at People in Focus, 72% of jobs we've advertised in the past year have been filled by candidates not actively looking for a new role.

8. A skilled job agency serves niche industries

You’ll find that recruitment agencies sometimes specialise in a specific industry. For example, we serve clients in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. This means we have an intimate understanding of what our clients require and what your experience in the industry would actually look like on the ground. This means we’re better equipped to match you with the right job.

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