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  • Recruitment lessons we’ll be taking into 2022 — a word from our Director

    about 1 month ago by Sharyn Waterworth

    ​Like any other company this year, People in Focus faced its own unique set of challenges. Being a recruitment agency, we know finding a new job (or, from the other side of the fence, filling an open role with the right candidate) is already a pretty stressful endeavour. Add the weight of a global pandemic to the mix, and, well, let’s just say navigating the job market gets ...

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  • Why the culture of your company is more important than you think

    about 2 months ago by Sharyn Waterworth

    ​Creating the right culture at your company is probably one of the last things on your mind when you’re writing your to-do list for the day — right?Sure, “company culture” might sound like a HR buzzword that’ll go away if you don’t look at it. It’s a fad; a trend. People come to work to get the job done. Their environment doesn’t matter that much. Does it?Research shows that...

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  • The Great Resignation is coming to Australia — Here’s how to decide if it’s time to jump ship

    2 months ago by Sharyn Waterworth

    Like the rest of the world right now, you might be mulling over whether your job is actually the right fit for you. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a wave of resignations to sweep the globe, with many taking pause and reevaluating the direction of their careers and personal lives. It’s been dubbed, the “Great Resignation” and us Aussies aren’t going to be spared.So, if you’...

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  • How you could be accidentally sabotaging your hiring process

    3 months ago

    Is the right hire for your business who you think it is?​While you could be forgiven for thinking that “hiring for attitude and training for skills” is a passing trend, we’ve seen time and time again that it’s actually an incredibly fruitful way for employers to approach hiring decisions — especially in a talent shortage. ​Allow our Branch Manager, Renee Hooper, to explain…​...

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  • The power of recruitment agencies in a pandemic

    3 months ago by Sharyn Waterworth

    For many, posting job ads that reel in the same number of bites as they did pre-pandemic is feeling like an impossible task. Fortunately, finding the right candidate isn’t. You just might need to do things a little differently...There’s no denying the pandemic has well and truly shaken up the workforce - from home office setups to stringent new health regulations - and the r...

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