Our end-to-end recruitment process for finding lasting talent

31 May 2022 Sharyn Waterworth

Recruitment process

Whether you’re hiring a junior to support your team or a senior manager to help steer the ship, finding the right person for the job is no simple task. 

Research shows the average cost of making a hiring mistake can sit anywhere between 15-21% of that employee’s salary, so if the candidate you hire doesn’t have the right attitude, skills or isn’t in it for the long haul, the cost of this decision can quickly add up. 

That’s where People in Focus can help. With a recruitment team that has 30+ years of combined HR experience,  we understand what’s required when it comes to hiring well and finding the right talent for the unique needs of almost any company.

So, how do we do it?

Keep reading to find out what our end-to-end recruitment process involves and how we can help you find your next reliable hire. 

Step 1: Understanding the role 

Up front, we learn as much as we can about your company and the role you want to fill. Transparency is crucial here. We’re not here to judge your company; we’re here to help you add to it. The more we know, the better equipped we are to find candidates who are not only suited to the role but the working environment, too.

Step 2: Sourcing talent

To appeal to top talent your job ad needs to stand out but this is easier said than done, especially in a competitive job market.

Drawing on our experience, we can write job ads that generate interest and excitement about your available role and company. 

Writing the job ad is one thing but circulating the opening so the right candidates get to see it is one of the most important (and time-consuming) parts of the recruiting process. 

The days of sticking a job ad up on Seek and watching flocks of quality candidates roll in are sadly no more. In fact, late last year we shared that 72% of roles we've advertised in the past year have been filled by candidates not actively looking for a new role.

That’s why we use a range of methods to identify top talent during our end-to-end recruitment process. We search far and wide to identify quality candidates for your job opening, including:

  1. Posting to a variety of job boards (like Indeed, Seek, LinkedIn, Jora, and Adzuna - amongst others)

  2. Adding your job ad to the job page on our website

  3. Sharing your job ad to our social media channels and mailing list

  4. Strategically contacting our extensive database of candidates - some of whom are actively looking for a new role but many who aren’t

Step 3: Shortlisting Applicants 

Now we weed out the time-wasters from the serious contenders so you’re not interviewing candidates that are unlikely to be a match.

While we always cast a wide net to bring in new talent (as mentioned in step 3), we usually find the best person for the job is already in our database of candidates. 

Using keywords, skill sets, job titles, salary, and location, we comb through our database, finding anyone who aligns with your job opening and company. If we believe we’ve found a real contender, we’ll then move them to the next step.

Step 4: Interviewing 

We conduct initial interviews both virtually and in-person, depending on the candidate’s availability. During these interviews, our main goal is to figure out who has the most potential and who is a definite no-go. After this “screening” phase, we only send the most qualified candidates through to then be interviewed by you. 

Our virtual meeting options mean candidates have greater availability, and we don’t have to wait weeks to speak with them. Many choose to schedule a virtual interview during their lunch break, or before/after hours. 

Step 5: Hiring 

Once the right candidate has been selected, we don’t just disappear. We’ll reach out to the candidate with the good news and conduct negotiations on your behalf. 

Once the negotiations are concluded and we’ve sent your new team member a letter of offer, our role in the final stages of hiring can be very flexible - it all depends on what your needs are and what the gaps are that you would like for us to fill. 

For example, we can conduct police checks and reference checks before an offer is made to the candidate. 

Or, we can help you get set up with your payroll - even chasing up any information or paperwork you might need from a candidate before they start. Whatever you need to accommodate the transition and get things up and running, we’re here. 

We’ll keep in contact with your new team member until their very first day, sending them all the information they need to know about their new position and making sure all their questions are answered.  

From there, we hand it over to you. 

Are you looking to outsource and streamline your hiring process? Get in touch with People in Focus to take care of your end-to-end recruitment needs. ​