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recruitment process

  • Our end-to-end recruitment process for finding lasting talent

    28 days ago

    ​Whether you’re hiring a junior to support your team or a senior manager to help steer the ship, finding the right person for the job is no simple task. ​Research shows the average cost of making a hiring mistake can sit anywhere between 15-21% of that employee’s salary, so if the candidate you hire doesn’t have the right attitude, skills or isn’t in it for the long haul, th...

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    Recruitment process
  • The power of recruitment agencies in a pandemic

    8 months ago

    For many, posting job ads that reel in the same number of bites as they did pre-pandemic is feeling like an impossible task. Fortunately, finding the right candidate isn’t. You just might need to do things a little differently...​There’s no denying the pandemic has well and truly shaken up the workforce - from home office setups to stringent new health regulations - and the ...

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    The power of recruitment agencies in a pandemic