Job doors are opening in the freight and logistics industry

30 April 2022 Sharyn Waterworth

Freight and Logistics jobs

​As we enter the second quarter of 2022 and businesses begin to - again - settle into the new normal, we’ve observed a few interesting changes in the job market. 

Changes that can open new and exciting opportunities for employees with experience in  the freight and logistics industry, in particular. 

Even pre-pandemic, the freight and logistics industry was facing challenges impacting aspects of the job market, particularly with global truck driver shortages and evolving supply chain demands.  

This is partly because of an ageing and therefore, retiring workforce. It’s also to do with the drastic changes the industry has seen in recent years, moving to using more modern systems, like automation and robotics. 

According to a 2019 skills forecast from the Australian Industry Standards (AIS), these were the skills identified as being the most important for the freight and logistics industry in the next 3-5 years:

  • Health and safety

  • Operational skills

  • Compliance

  • Digital skills

And after surveying stakeholders, they also found that these 5 generic skills were flagged as being of high importance in the industry: 

  1. Language, literacy and numeracy 

  2. Leadership

  3. Technology

  4. Self-management (i.e. the ability to work autonomously)

  5. Problem solving

So, what does this mean for employees already in the freight and logistics industry? To put it simply, your experience is highly valued. And, you can leverage it to change careers within your sector. 

Are you known for your number-crunching analytical approach or your problem solving, managerial attitude? People like you are vital to the continued growth and success of the industry. 

Research from Deakin University predicts that by 2023, the demand for skilled professionals will outstrip supply, six to one. While this is a challenging period for the freight and logistics industry, it does present those wanting to stretch their legs and explore other career possibilities in the sector with a unique opportunity to do so. 

As recruiters, we’re seeing a shift in the talent some employers are open to considering. Instead of demanding an exact skill match and only accepting candidates who have worked in a very similar role as the one they’re applying for, more and more companies are opening the door a little wider, recognising transferable skills and hiring candidates from the broader industry. 

For instance, if you work in importing, but fancy switching sides and exploring the world of exports, now is an excellent time to try. 

And this is where the People in Focus team can help you best. Because, despite the fact that more and more companies are willing to explore talent outside their usual scope, not EVERY company feels that way. 

But thanks to the strong relationships we’ve built with many employers over the years, we’re in a unique position to pair talent with roles they’d never normally compete for. 

And because we have a history of supplying companies with their perfect match, they trust us when we come to them with your resume, even if it doesn’t quite align with their pre-2022 expectations. 

Do you have itchy feet or feel like a change of pace within the freight and logistics industry? Our jobs page is constantly being updated with new opportunities. Find your next career move here.