Finding hidden talent in logistics and transport recruitment

15 April 2022 Sharyn Waterworth

Finding hidden talent in Freight and Logistics

There’s no denying the current challenges in the logistics and transport job market - with an ageing workforce, the great resignation, and the international strain of COVID-19 - demand for talent is higher than ever before. 

Contributing over a billion dollarsto the Australian economy each year, it's an industry that’s responsible for the employment of half a million Australians. Current projections by the Australian Industry Standard(AIS) predict that number to grow by 6.5% by 2024. 

These challenges can feel understandably daunting to read about on paper, but for those like us (people focused recruiters), our outlook on the current job market is actually optimistic and opportunistic. 

Why? Because we believe that amongst these challenges are hidden possibilities for both employers and employees in the logistics and transport sector. All you need is an expert’s eye for quality talent. 

As recruiters, we’ve witnessed the challenges the industry is facing first hand, but we’ve also noticed a willingness in candidates to move into new types of roles within the industry. 

In our experience, candidates with this enthusiasm and readiness are passionate about the industry, and they’re seeking a new career trajectory they can be inspired by. This gives them the eagerness and resilience to go that extra mile to impress their new employers and learn all they can along the way. 

As an employer, your first instinct may be to turn away an applicant who doesn’t appear to be the perfect fit on paper, but if we look a little deeper, you can see how much potential they truly have. 

Within the logistics and transport industry, there are highly transferable skills. While the processes and procedures vary, many roles still require strong communication skills, number smarts, adaptability and problem solving skills.

These are general, ‘soft’ skills, but when a candidate comes to us with these skills in spades, we know we’re onto a winner. We’re not saying a warehouse team member would automatically be considered for a customs role, but relevant skills and the right attitude can lead to unexpected candidates excelling in adjacent roles.  

When we speak with candidates, we identify who not only has the right skills and transferable experience, but who would be a perfect fit for your company culture

And conversely, we’ll also help you steer clear of unsuitable candidates, who may have the credentials, but wouldn’t thrive in your particular workplace. We genuinely believe in the abilities and suitability of these unsung heroes when we send them your way. 

Finding your diamond in the rough, so to speak, is where we excel. Our recruitment strategy entails looking outside the box and identifying potential where someone else might not think to look.

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